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Welcome to School of Pharmacy,Yantai University
Date:2017-08-24 14:26
Dear parents and candidates:
Thank you very much for your attention to the school of pharmacy of Yantai University!
The school of medicine pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering two undergraduate, master of Pharmacy Subject (Pharmacology awarded all six professional master degree), a major new drug approved new drug delivery system of the special needs of national service, talent project, at present over 1200 students including more than 100 graduate students.
School of medicine has an excellent team of teachers, 16 professors, 12 associate professors, teachers have doctorate personnel accounted for more than 85% (some of which graduated from the famous European and American schools), doctoral tutor 4, 1 outstanding teachers nationwide, enjoy special government allowances of 2 people, Shandong Province youth experts the outstanding contribution of 3 people, 4 people of Taishan scholars. 2004 pharmaceutical disciplines to participate in the Education Department of the first class evaluation, academic ranks a column of the National pharmacy sixth. 2008 pharmacy experimental teaching center was named the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, pharmacy was approved for the professional construction of provincial characteristics; 2009 was approved by the Ministry of education national pharmaceutical specialty construction; 2011 "molecular pharmacology and drug evaluation laboratory approved the Ministry of Education Ministry Key Laboratory; 2013 approved a major new drug delivery system model" the special needs of national service, talent project; 2013 "pharmacy experimental teaching center was selected as the national experimental teaching demonstration center; 2013" new preparation and biological pharmaceutical research collaborative innovation center approved Shandong province university collaborative innovation center in the first project construction unit.
Scientific research, School of medicine has established drug innovation system perfect, with NMR, HPLC-MS, HPLC, automatic biochemical analyzer, equipment amounted to more than 48 million yuan. Over the past 5 years bear longitudinal topic more than 70 items, including the National Natural Science Fund of 12, a total of five years of scientific research funds of about 34 million yuan. Teachers published more than 300 papers, including more than 150 SCI included in the scientific study of undergraduate students, and published in the International Journal of the Institute of medicine, a bright spot in the practice of teaching. Five years of cooperation with the green leaf pharmaceutical patents 68 patents granted by the German invention patents 1. A total of 32 science and technology award, the provincial science and technology award 11 above, "Aesculi, safflower and other medicinal material extraction and purification research of key technology and industrialization" won the two prize in the 2008 National Science and technology progress.
The employment of graduates and postgraduate school of medicine for success. In the past three years, College of pharmacy graduates employment rate (including studies) of nearly 90%, the main employment of the domestic large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, scientific research and practical skills by using high evaluation units, the employment of graduates over the years among the forefront of the school, have been fully affirmed by the schools, parents and students. The college has a long-term cooperative relationship with Qingdao Qilu pharmaceutical, the Yellow Sea pharmaceutical, Shandong Lunan pharmaceutical, Jiangsu Hengrui pharmaceutical, Jiangsu nhwa pharmaceutical, Dalian pharmaceutical and other more than and 20 enterprises established a good foundation for students' employment. In the past three years, students' admission rate was 43.7%, 37.2% and five, 39.6% consecutive years ranked first in the whole school. There are 60% students admitted to 211, 985 and domestic well-known scientific research institutes, including Peking University, Peking Union Medical College (Tsinghua University), Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Zhongshan University, Jinan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences (three Institute), Shanghai Institute of pharmaceutical industry and other well-known pharmaceutical research institutions. In the past three years, six undergraduate students received a scholarship, went to the United States, the United Kingdom, Nihon University to pursue a doctoral degree.
We are proud of all faculty and staff with the truth-seeking, pragmatic, hard-working, enterprising spirit has already made a series of achievements; we are pleased, and a number of outstanding students from the College of medicine, to the domestic first-class research institutions and first-class pharmaceutical enterprises, for the motherland medicine contribution to the cause of the power of youth; we look, more good, love pharmaceutical cause young people to join the school of medicine of the outstanding collective!
Welcome to enter oneself for an examination of the College of pharmacy of Yantai University!
I wish you happiness and good luck in everything
College of pharmacy, Yantai University
June 2015
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