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The visit of secretary Wang and his party to our school
Date:2017-04-22 14:10
    On April 21, Wang Chunfa, member and secretary of China Science and Technology Association, accompanied by Ji Hongbo, vice president of Shandong Association for Science and Technology and relevant leaders of Yantai Association for Science and Technology, visited our school for research, and school party secretary Cui Mingde, vice president Guo Shanli accompanied in the research.
    Party Secretary Cui Mingde welcomed Wang Chunfa and his party, and introduced the development process, the construction of talent team, scientific research and discipline construction of the school. Wang Chunfa highly appraised the high starting point of school running, the high level of development and the school-running characteristics of our school.
  In our school’s Key Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation and Collaborative Innovation Center of Advanced Drug Delivery System and Biotech Drugs of Shandong Province, Wang Chunfa listened to vice dean Zhang Leiming’s report on the construction of the key laboratory and collaborative innovation center, and communicated with some of our backbone teachers. Wang Chunfa pointed out that the research direction of the laboratory and collaborative innovation center is closely integrated with the regional economic and social development and construction, represents the current social needs and the development direction of the subject, and has distinct characteristics.
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