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Prof. Yongjun Zhangfrom(Nankai University) Presented a Repo
Date:2017-06-30 14:01
    On June 30, 2017,School of Pharmacy held a symposium in the Complex Building 104, in which Professor Zhang Yongjun from the College of Chemistry of Nankai University gave a brilliant report entitled "Zero-order Release Drug Carrier Research". Fu Fenghua, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Wu Xuran, Party Secretary, and part of the teachers, doctoral students, master students School of Chemistry and Chemical and Chemical Engineering participated in the report, which was presided over by Wang Hongbo, vice president of School of Pharmacy.
    In the report, Zhang Yongjun put forward achieving zero-order drug release with the technology of "dynamic layer-by-layer assembly film" for the practical difficulties in drug release based on the research experience of the research group, and proved the practical significance and potential application value by enumerating examples. Subsequently, Zhang Yongjun had a discussion with Sun Kaoxiang, Chen Daquan, Wang Hongbo and other teachers of the School of Pharmacy on professional issues, and  carried out further exchanges and discussions with the students on the content of the report. After the symposium, Guo Shanli, member of the standing committee of the school party committee and vice president warmly met Zhang Yongjun and his entourage, and had a discussion exchange with the functional departments and pharmaceutical team members.
    Through this academic activity, graduate students of relevant majors more directly understand the carrier application of polymer material in the realization of zero-order release of drug, have a more in-depth understanding of the cutting-edge scientific information, and make professional knowledge reserves for future development.
     About the Reporter:
     Zhang Yongjun, Ph.D., Professor of School of Chemistry, Nankai University, doctoral tutor. In 2011, he was selected in the "New Century Excellent Talent Support Program" by the Ministry of Education. In 2016, he was awarded the National Outstanding Young Scientist Fund. He is now PI of the Key Laboratory of Chemical Chemistry Biology, deputy director of the Key Laboratory for functional polymer materials. His research direction is biomedical polymer materials, and he has published 55 papers with impact factor of about 3.0 as the first author / corresponding author, including 2 in Angew. Chem. Int. Edit., 1 in Adv. Mater., 1 in Adv. Func. Mater., 1 in Chem. Comm. 1, 4 in J. Mater. Chem., et al.
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