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Our school held 2017 graduation ceremony
Date:2017-06-24 14:05
    The young students today become the pillars of society tomorrow. On the morning of June 22, the School of Pharmacy held 2017 graduation ceremony in the Zhidao Hall. Shao Mingli, Deputy Director of the State Pharmacopoeia Commission, former Director of the Food and Drug Administration and Honorary Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Guo Shanli, standing committee member of our school’s party committee, Vice Chairman of the Academic Degrees Committee, and Vice President of our school, Liu Dianbo, Director of the Joint Education Committee and Executive Chairman of Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Group, Li Youxin, representative of doctoral tutor and, vice president of R & D in Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Group, Fu Fenghua, dean of the School of Pharmacy, Wu Xuran, general Party branch secretary, Vice Deans Zhang Leiming and Wang Hongbo, attended the graduation ceremony,  the school’s teachers, parents of students, alumni representatives and all the graduates participated in the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by Wu Xuran.
    The graduation ceremony started with the majestic national anthem. First of all, Zhang Leiming read the "Yantai University’s decision on the recognition of 2017 outstanding graduates", and the guests issued the honor certificates to the award-winning graduates, and presented them the book series of Chinese traditional culture. Subsequently, Wang Hongbo read "the decision of School of Pharmacy in Yantai University on the establishment of 2017 alumni council", and the guests issued a letter of appointment to the executive directors of alumni council. Bi Yi, Xu Lixiao and Li Yannan made a speech respectively on behalf of teachers, doctoral graduates and undergraduate graduates.
     Guo Shanli expressed a warm welcome to guests like Shao Mingli and Liu Dianbo, the parents and alumni on behalf of the school, expressed congratulations to all the graduates, especially the first doctoral students in our school, and sent word to the graduates from the "strengthening firm belief, honesty and trustworthiness", "making progress benefits society" and "loving life with grateful heart". Shao Mingli asked graduates to keep the responsibility of pharmacists in mind, care for the public health, and devote to the construction of the country with the knowledge learned, to dream and grasp the direction, to stand on solid ground and start from scratch, to remember the original intention and to achieve themselves. Liu Dianbo shared his own study and entrepreneurial experience with graduates, and encouraged them to strengthen dream and the pursuit, maintain a calm attitude and actively face every choice in the spring of innovation and development of health industry. Fu Fenghua congratulated the graduates for successfully completing undergraduate or doctoral studies, and significantly improving their individual quality of life, fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of the graduates, and encouraged them to continue to upgrade themselves, and always be the master of their own life.
    Finally, Shao Mingli and Liu Dianbo awarded a diploma for Xu Lixiao and Zhang Xuemei, our school's first batch of doctoral students. Guo Shanli, Shao Mingli, Liu Dianbo, Fu Fenghua, Zhang Leiming and Li Youxin turned the tassel for graduates one by one, awarded a degree certificate and took pictures.
     The sea breeze sings by the ear, awakening the beating notes of my pulse. Walking by Sanyuan Lake, the lake reflects my young and regretless face. Bells mildly echo, recording the wind and rain I have experienced. Yantai University, you are my dream ..." The graduation ceremony ended with the song "Yantai University, let me dream fly". The teachers and students said goodbye to each other and sent words, and took pictures.
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