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Alumni of 2003 return to Alma Mater in glory after graduatio
Date:2017-05-30 14:08
    A decade is like yesterday, and students return teaches together. Since May, alumni of 2003 pharmacy major returned to Alma Mater, recalled the memorable past, shared the feeling of reunion, and discusses the development plans of the college. The alumni had a forum with the teachers who had worked in the college, college leaders, class instructors and teacher representatives to exchange the teacher-student friendship and show their love to school.
    At the forum, Dean Fu Fenghua warmly welcomed the return of alumni, and gave a detailed introduction to the development and achievements of the college in recent years. Party Secretary Wu Xuran expressed his heartfelt thanks to alumni for their attention and support to alma mater. Teacher representatives Meng Qingguo, Zhang Lei Ming and Li Chunmei reviewed memorable years with the alumni, and gave pertinent recommendations for the further development of the alumni.
   Alumni also spoke enthusiastically and exchanged their feelings. Each alumni reported their life, work, and achievements over a decade after graduation. They talked about their gratitude and love to the alma mater and teachers, and unanimously said that they would not have made the current achievements without the care and teaching of the college and teachers, as well as the cultivation of Yantai University, and they were willing to do everything possible to return to their alma mater and the college.
   After the end of the forum, all the teachers and students took a group photo in the college.
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